GOD BLESS RUSH LIMBAUGH , TED NUGENT and the National Rifle Association !!!


A WEBSITE humbly offered for
Gun totin'
Meat eatin'
Beer drinkin'
Hell raisin'
God fearin'
Hard livin'
Pickup drivin'
Off roadin'
Skirt chasin'
Knuckle draggin'
Neanderthal/cave men…

And remember;
Hunters love animals too.

They taste great!



It is possible that this is a poor website choice for your surfing pleasure.

You should consider clicking elsewhere if you are easily offended or-

  • You are under the age of 18, or a vegetarian, Democrat, homosexual, Muslim terrorist, illegal immigrant, feminist, etc.
  • You mistake global warming for WEATHER.
  • You are a liberal, tree-hugging, green weenie enviro-Nazi, but you still drive a gasoline powered car and use electricity in your home.
  • You believe a gay parade displaying transvestites, bestiality and other deviant sexuality to the public is OK, but a Christmas manger scene isn't.
  • You advocate tolerance, diversity and multi-culturalism to the point of undermining the borders, language and culture of your own nation.
  • You know who PETA, Moveon.org, Greenpeace, NAMBLA, ACLU, Handgun Control, Inc. and Jesse Jackson are and they don't make you sick
  • You believe in Affirmative Action or quotas in the workplace, business deals or government unless it doesn't benefit you. Then it's racism.
  • You believe the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are “living documents” to be amended freely at the whims of politicians or activist judges.
  • You voted for Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dukakis, Mondale, Carter, etc.
  • You are a wealthy divorcee, receive food stamps, welfare, or an obscene amount of court-ordered child support. It's not your money.
  • You get all your news from Oprah, Katie “Cupcake” Couric, CNN, Comedy Central or your favorite Britney Spears/Gangsta Rap music station.
  • You listen to Error America (oops!), I mean Air America on the radio.
  • You are a thieving crack smokin' paint huffin' bong hittin' glue sniffin' heroin shootin' meth head pinko commie socialist deadbeat slacker.

“This country is being destroyed by those who could not have created it” – unknown.