The links on the right range from single pages suitable for those "free" hosted web sites (like my Pool page) to full hosted site design like those described below.

The Tonopah Residents United ( TRU ) site was built on the ISP hosting site. Here is also a sample of a trial template for TRU. ISP was a great service I highly recommend. TRU implemented the use of meta tags to facilitate the Google search box. This mysfyts site now resides on WhoIs which has been a good move.

This Council Sample was built on-line using php but is available here as active script. It was built on another site that offered mysql on Linux services. It was some work to get accustomed to the php programming. I have rebuilt it for use on mysfyts with an access database.

Power was built on an Intranet site. That site grew considerably from its conception. It was notable for myself as my first database driven design.

I made some pages with a few MS DOS short-cuts, Secrets. It also holds some sample batch files and start up files.

My newest project is WestSiders site. This is for the new group on the West side of Phoenix. I was experimenting with the use of text files and folders for the administrator to just drop in files and pictures and the site would make itself. Also launched is the Links page where I keep all of my internet "Favorites". My wife and I are working on to share with our families.



There are many ways to make your site stand out with navigation, creativity, and illistration. iFrames and Frame sets may be a useful tool to avoid redundant page creation. Notice these sites:
  Signs Scripted
  Signs with frameset
  Signs with iframes
The first is the most complicated but is one single page that displays the selected link by a "case select" through a script. Unfortunately, you have to be familiar with script code to make it. Next, the frame set makes a series of pages that are assembled with a main page that arranges a series of other pages into a frame like a table. There can be any number of pages used to reduce redundancy and assembled onto a single page. Last but not least, is the iFrame. Tis is a more modern versiuon of the frame set. Iframes insert a web page into another page very similiar to frame sets. iFrames are more customizable with style sheets and special tags. These last two can be made by any novice and do not have to be on a script enabled site to use. They can also easily be made on most web page making platforms. See also my Suns, Pool, and Metal pages using iframes. The "Header" and menus are Iframes and the links update content field iframe.

Hotscripts and Dynamic Drive have an endless supply of web site enhancements and tricks. These are free and some are quite nifty little add-ons. Some sites can aslo be found here.

I also found that Dreamweaver makes a picture gallery almost effortless. Here is a sample from its gallery utility.

There are many tools and resources like this web page for some popular color selections. It also contains links to my other quick reference sites. I like to go to, ASP101, and HTML help anytime I am looking for snippets of code or ideas.


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